The heartfelt messages of these books whisper to the inner child of each reader & listener, that they are valuable and they belong. Perfect for children of all ages, teachers and day care providers to add to their class collections.

New book now available

  • 3rd Edition of Keep Shining Bright available on Amazon soon.
  • Limited Edition of You Belong Here Too can be purchase direct from author on this website.
  • 2nd Edition of You Belong Here Too available to purchase on Amazon soon.
  • 1st Edition of Deep Listening, launching on New Years Eve, available on Amazon soon.

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Keep Shining Bright

Kija the moon and Dawar the star discuss an important lesson in life. They explore the concept of not feeling seen or appreciated and what can be done about it.

You Belong Here Too

This story of Bala and Tidda explores the emotions experienced when a child has a fostered, adopted or new born sibling join their family. It can also relate to when a child moves to a new school or neighbourhood. It explores themes of being kind, thoughtful, compassionate and understanding towards others that may be different. It may help open doors of discussion about different cultures, abilities, immigrants and refugees. The key message is that everyone needs to know they belong.

Deep Listening

Come on an adventure of a lifetime as we follow Knowiyah, a green sea turtle, through stormy and calm seas. Learn how she listens to her inner voice, guiding and protecting her on her journey back home.